4 Tips For Finding A Great Long-Term Residential Cleaning Company

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Life can be so busy, and finding time to clean your home can be next to impossible! You don't have to live in a dirty home- there are a number of companies that can take over your house cleaning tasks so you can enjoy you time in an immaculate home without picking up a mop or a rag. The key is selecting a good house cleaning company that is on the same page as you. Use the following tips to ensure that you and your house cleaning company are a good fit:

Cheaper is Not Always Better

The price for a house cleaning service can range from incredibly cheap to very expensive, depending on the size of your home and the services that you require. In many cases, the cheapest price may not always be the best option. When you want your home cleaned, look for a company that is bonded and insured for your protection, and also performs comprehensive background checks on any employee that will be entering your home. These types of companies may charge a little bit more, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Understand What is Included in the Price

One of the biggest misunderstandings between clients and cleaning companies is what is included. A reputable cleaning company will provide you with a checklist that outlines exactly what will be cleaned, so you know what you are paying for. Most cleaning companies take great pride in their work, so if you are not happy with a particular cleaning service, don't be afraid to bring up your issue with the cleaning company so they can correct it.

Know Who Provides Cleaning Supplies

Some cleaning companies provide cleaning supplies, while others don't. Before booking a cleaning, or signing a contract for a long-term cleaning service, make sure you know who is responsible for providing cleaning supplies. Some homeowners have their favorite cleaners and prefer that those brands are used, while other clients like the convenience of having all supplies brought by a company. Understanding this policy can save a lot of frustration, and ensure that you are happy with the cleaning service that you have hired.

Find a Company that Can Accommodate Your Schedule

While cleaning companies, like McMaid, provide a specific service, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. A great cleaning company will value your business, and will work with you to accommodate your cleaning schedule, if possible. Having a little bit of flexibility is always good, but most cleaning companies are able to provide their services according the the client's schedule.


26 January 2015

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