3 Tips For Motivating Temporary Workers

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Workers from a temporary staffing agency provide a number of benefits to your business, including giving your permanent workers assistance with large projects. It is important that you do everything you can to encourage your temporary workers to give their best while working for you. Here are some suggestions for how you can motivate your workers. 

Select the Right Workers

The best way to ensure that you are sent the right workers for the project you have is to be very detailed with the temporary staffing agency. When you contract for workers, you need to detail the skills that the employees need and what kind of personality traits each should have. 

If you are looking for workers that could potentially become permanent hires, let the agency know. Some workers are only looking for temporary work. You could save on time and energy from training if you only focus on those who are looking to be permanent. 

Create an Orientation Process

Although the workers might be with you for a short period of time, you need to ensure they understand the dynamics of the company and what is expected of them. Do not assume that they know what to do. Show them. 

To ensure that your workers are on the same page, you need to establish an orientation process. During orientation, you can explain exactly what is expected and offer training. You can even assign one of your permanent workers to each temporary worker so that they have a mentor to guide them. 

Appreciate Your Workers

Just like your permanent workers, the temporary hires will respond well to acknowledgements of their work. Take the time to thank your workers and offer incentives. For instance, you can offer to take your temporary workers out to lunch to show appreciation for helping complete a project. 

You also need to show them respect. By showing respect, you let the workers know that what they are doing matters, which can have a direct impact on how well they work. Even if they are only there for a few days, make an effort to be respectful. You might find that some of the workers would make great permanent members of your team. 

One of the best reasons to take the time to motivate your temporary workers is word of mouth. If you are a great employer to work for, you will find that you have very little trouble finding the right kind of workers to fill positions. 

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25 May 2015

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