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Having to move is one of my least favorite things. I have moved all around the world ever since I was a little kid and I thought that I would be used to it and not really mind it now that I am older, but it is just the opposite. I am really sick of it so this most recent move I decided to do something different and hire a residential moving company in Chicago IL to do it for us. This residential moving company in Chicago IL was just what I needed. We had a lot of stuff that needed to go and had so much heavy furniture, regardless of that the movers still were able to get it all packed up for us in the moving van in a short amount of time. I really liked how these movers even provided the moving van so we didn't have to go out and find and pay for our own. Not to mention the price that they charged was quite affordable as well. It was easily worth the money and we didn't have to move a single thing! I really liked these movers and recommend them to anyone who may be stressed about their move.


23 September 2013

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Tax time comes around every single year. Do you file married jointly or separately? Do you claim your property taxes and medical bills? What about a home office and the expenses for it? Were there any changes in tax laws that you should be aware of? My site is filled with advice for small business owners for tax time. You will learn how to get the most from your return and what could trigger an audit or red flag on your tax forms this year. Hopefully, what I have included on my site will help at least a few small business owners get through tax time with less stress.