What Do You Want Your Convention Tables to Say About You? Table Toppers with Flash or Flare

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At one time, your hotel bought into decorative chairs for conventions, weddings, anniversary parties, and so forth. Now, table toppers are the "in" thing. Your hotel has to keep up with the times, so you should know more about this trend. Here are some of the more popular table toppers and what they can say about your establishment. Spandex  Spandex is not just for exercise-wear anymore! Now it stretches over table tops of any shape and size, but it is typically meant for convention and reception tables like the ones you already have.

31 August 2016

Three Tips For The Next Time You Need To Move

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When you are going through the process of preparing to move into a new home, it can be easy to start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that will need to be done to pack your possessions. This can make it easy to make some simple oversights that can lead to potentially major problems during your move. In order to minimize these risks, you may want to keep these moving tips in mind when you are packing and loading the moving truck.

10 August 2016

How To Store A Flat Screen TV Or Monitor

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Packing up your flat screen television or computer monitor for storage can be a bit stressful, since you are likely worried about damage to your investment. The good news is that there is a safe way to store the TV as long as you take the time to do it correctly. The following guide can help. Leave no dust behind Dust wages a two-pronged attack on your TV – it can scratch the screen and it can get into the electronics via the vents to cause issues.

26 July 2016

3 Ways To Spread The Word About The Grand Opening Of Your Store


Is your dream of opening your own store finally coming true? You may have finalized all the details and bought all the inventory needed for you to get started. Now that the grand opening is quickly approaching, you may want to make sure plenty of people in and around the neighborhood know about your business and when it will be open to the public. You can do a few different things to make sure as many people know about the grand opening as possible.

11 July 2016

4 Reasons Not To Store Your Boat At Home

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If you have a boat, you might be thinking about storing it on your property. However, for many people, looking for a boat storage option can be a better choice. These are a few reasons why you may not want to store your boat at your house. 1. You Could Get in Trouble with Your HOA Do you live in a restricted community with a homeowners association? If so, you may want to check the rules before bringing your boat home and leaving it there.

23 June 2016

What To Expect From Your Auto Insurance Medical Adjuster After An Accident

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After a car accident, the first step is to make a claim with your insurance company. If you were injured, you can expect them to ask about some information about how you were hurt. An insurance medical adjuster may request the following information when working on your claim: Medical Records After you have seen a doctor about your injuries, you will likely be required to send some documentation to the insurance company to help determine what your damages are.

2 June 2016

The Advantages Of Choosing A Specialized Trucking Insurance Company As An Owner-Operator

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Working your way away from the big businesses of the trucking industry and taking on the role of an owner-operator is one rewarding way to be your own boss and earn a lucrative income. However, when you take on this new responsibility as the owner of your own small trucking business, it will mean that finding commercial insurance will become your personal obligation. Insurance for your business is available from two very different types of insurers: specialized and non-specialized.

12 May 2016