Understanding Call Center Empathy And Technical Services

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Getting a call center that conveys your business or project's culture can be difficult. You'll need a team that can be trained in your project's vision and purpose, not just a group of call representatives ready to take a generic approach to any business. With a few ideas of what to look for in a personalized call center service, you can choose a team that fits your ideals.

Searching For Empathy In Strangers

Empathy in business is not always understood by others, but its ability to retain customers is strong. Being able to sound genuinely concerned and truly understand the issues of the customer on a personal level is not a general skill possessed by every single worker coming through the call center pipeline.

Interviewing for the skill is not cut and dry, but the technology for interviewing should be in place from your call center of choice. Look for a call center service that has an organized instant messenger and contact system in order to find skilled individuals on a personal level.

To test empathy, you want to make sure that the employee or contractor is comfortable. While call center representatives should be expected to perform in a high stress environment, you're looking for the rare trait of empathetic, polite behavior--stress management can be trained later.

Using voice and text chat, get information on how they would respond in certain scenarios. If you have a client who has an actual problem, but is also interested in helping your business grow, use the client as a live test case and perform a three-way feedback session about what could be done better.

Chat Services For Non-Voice Contact

Even if you want to be available for live, spoken voice contact with customers, understand that your customers might not feel the same way. For clients that may not want to speak with a human for many reasons--whether they're in a rush and faster with chat or dealing with issues such as social anxiety when speaking--a chat service is necessary.

Messenger services can be difficult to settle on, as it depends on what level of secrecy you need. Systems such as chat rooms from large, public companies are acceptable if the chat is not used for sensitive customer information.

If you expect employees and contractors to pass sensitive information via chat while being empathetic towards customers, you'll need to make sure that the service has an in-house option that can be strictly managed.

Look through your requirements and evaluate them for customer care. Get in contact with a call center service professional to begin building a call center team that fits your project perfectly.


31 December 2014

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