Four Ideas To Adapt A Home Office For People With Physical Disabilities

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If you have any type of disability, there are many different improvements that you may want to do to your home. Some of these improvements can include adjusting your home office. You may want to have things that are in reach, and be able to easily access any equipment in your office. If you have a physical disability, here are four improvements that can help make your home office more practical:

1. Using A Desk With The Right Height For Equipment And Aids

The desk is an important part of your office, and if you have a wheel chair or other aids, you will want to be able to access it easily. You can find desks, from office suppliers like Boss Office Products Inc, that are wide and high enough for a wheelchair to be easily rolled under the desk.

If you use a mobility scooter, you may want to adapt the desk to allow for the extra height of your scooter, which can be done by adding legs or caster wheels to the desk to make it a little taller.

2. Computer Screens And Lighting To Help With Visual Problems

For people with visual problems, having a larger computer screen can make tasks much easier. With the flat screen TVs that are available today, you can use them to have any size computer screen you want. If you have shelves above your desk, you may want to make sure that it is high enough to account for the larger screen, or even not put shelving above the screen.

You may also want to add lighting to the back of your desk to help adapt your desk for visual disabilities. With modern LED tape lighting, you can add several rows of lighting, and be able to control them with a remote to adjust the lighting to your needs.

3. Adjustable Shelving

You also may want to use adjustable shelving for things like desks and other office furniture. You may want to remove the inside of things like drawers and cabinets, and then have the interior replaced with systems that make the shelves and drawers more accessible. There are systems that will make the contents come out with actuators, so that everything is easily accessible when you open the drawers or cabinets in your kitchen.

4. Office Equipment On Wheels 

You may also want to put things like desktops, printers and other office equipment on furniture with wheels. This can help to make things more accessible. You can use longer power cords and wireless equipment like printers and routers to make it easy to get to these things and work with them.

If you have furniture that is not mobile and difficult to access, you can add caster wheels to the bottom to make it easier to get to the things you want, and still keep the furniture that you like in your office. You can even do this to new furniture that you add to your office.

These are some improvements that can make any home office more accessible for people with disabilities. If you want to make some of these improvements to the office in your home, you can contact a vendor of office furniture to get the furniture you need.


2 January 2015

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