Comparing Digital And Mechanical Gun Safes

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Keeping your guns locked away safely is an important part of gun ownership, and having the right safe for the job is essential. There are two broad categories of gun safes: those with digital locks and those with mechanical ones. Both types of gun safes offer different advantages and disadvantages over each other, and knowing the difference between the two is essential in choosing the right gun safe for you.

Digital Gun Safes

Digital gun safes use an electronic lock to secure your guns. They offer ease of access, and can be opened extremely quickly by someone who knows the code. They also lock out any attempts to open the safe if the wrong code is entered into the lock more than once. The combination can be changed at any time, and additional features, like a silent alarm, a timed lock, and multiple codes can be installed on an electronic safe.

However, electronic locks do run off of a battery, which has to be replaced every year. The cost of servicing the safe can add up significantly over time. They are also able to malfunction and forget the code, which means that you are unable to access your guns at all, and will have to pay a locksmith to come and drill open the safe for you. Electronic locks have a much smaller lifespan than mechanical locks do.

Mechanical Gun Safes

Mechanical gun safes tend to be less expensive than electronic gun safes, and offer increased reliability. There is no battery that needs to be serviced or no possibility of the lock malfunctioning. As a result, mechanical gun safes have a much longer lifespan than electronic gun safes do. Due to this higher reliability, mechanical gun safes often have longer warranties than electronic gun safes, which often come with professional servicing. The maintenance on mechanical gun safes is also much less--the lock simply needs to be lubricated every few years to ensure that the tumblers are still working properly.

However, mechanical gun safes cannot have their codes changed without a locksmith, and offer a limited number of combinations when compared to an electronic gun safe. They are also much harder to open in a high-stress situation, which can be a serious problem in a self defense situation. It can be hard to open in the dark, and requires fine motor skills to open, which is an additional consideration to take into account.

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12 January 2015

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