Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Point Of Sale System

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You may be perfectly happy using price stickers and ringing up all transactions by hand or using your barcode-based point of sale system that was considered fancy 20 years ago. However, that happiness is only because you don't know what you're missing. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to a modern, state-of-the art point of sale system.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The right point of sale system will speed up your cash register transactions. That results in happy customers that are not spending as much time waiting in line and no customers getting anxious that the cashier is taking too long on their transaction.

If you get a point of sale system with a customer-facing display, they'll also be happier when they see that their total is being calculated correctly and if any sales are being applied as the items are scanned in.

Improve Your Ordering Process

Modern point of sale systems are tied into your main computer system so that they can update your inventory on your fly. At any given time, you'll be able to know exactly how many of each item are in your store without having to go out and do manual counts.

This means that you can reorder items long before your shelves are empty. If sales of a particular product are slow, you can also pause new orders while you try to move it.

Reduce Employee Theft

Many retailers find that employee theft is a far greater problem than "customer" shoplifters. Employee theft is largely a crime of opportunity since there's little chance that the theft will be noticed.

When your point of sale system is updating your inventory, employees know that you can access it at any time. What they don't know is when you will and when you'll do a manual count to see if the numbers match. When that could happen at any time, employees will feel that the risk of getting caught is much higher.

Reward Frequent Customers

Customer loyalty programs, even if the payback to the customer is small, are a great way to build repeat business. While it may have been hard to track repeat purchases in the past, point of sale systems with built in rewards tracking can give instant discounts to customers after X purchases or Y dollars spent.

Are you ready to take advantage of a top-of-the-line point of sale system? Contact a local point of sale system vendor, such as Schmaus Cash Register Company, today.


12 January 2015

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