Six Common Refrigerator Repairs

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No one wants to hear that their refrigerator/freezer isn't working properly. After all, most people have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of food stored in this appliance. However, many refrigerator problems can be easily solved without breaking the family budget.

1. Your refrigerator doesn't get cool enough. Your refrigerator not cooling properly can be caused by a number of issues. The coils behind the refrigerator could be coated with dust. (If so, unplug the appliance and clean off the dust with a long brush.) Other issues that cause a refrigerator not to stay cold are faulty door seals, a defective fan and/or a compressor that needs to be replaced.

2. Your refrigerator gets too cold (and freezes your food). A refrigerator that gets too cold can be almost as damaging as one that doesn't get cold enough. Assuming that your thermostat is set properly, this usually indicates a problem with the circulating fan.

3. Your refrigerator is making a lot of noise. An excessively noisy refrigerator is often a sign that your compressor needs lubrication or that your fan has become loose and is vibrating. The noise could also be coming from the drain pan underneath the appliance if it has become loose and needs to be repositioned.

4. Your refrigerator is leaking water. A leaking refrigerator can be the result of a number of problems. The most likely is that there is a hole in the tubing that leads from your water supply to your ice maker. Other potential causes could be a leak in your drain pan or ice build-up (in a unit that is not self-defrosting).

5. Your ice maker isn't working properly. One of the most delicate parts of any refrigerator/freezer is the ice maker. Several things can go wrong with this unit, such as poor tubing (as we mentioned above), a clogged water valve or a heater (used to break the ice into cubes) that stays on too long. The issue could also be as simple as the feeler arm getting blocked by ice cubes or as severe as the entire ice-making unit needing to be replaced.

6. Your water dispenser doesn't work. Many refrigerators have dispensers where you can get chilled water directly from the exterior of the appliance. When this function stops working, it's generally an issue with the tubing that leads to the dispenser. This tubing could have a small leak or it could have become frozen from the freezer.

If you suspect that you need a refrigerator repair, it's time to call an appliance repair professional or a company like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration. Most refrigerator problems are not good candidates for DIY projects.


27 February 2015

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