Storing Lumber In A Storage Unit


You may have a lot of lumber for a coming project but for whatever reason life throws your way, you now have to wait for an indefinite period until you can put your lumber to use. But you will want to carefully choose your storage location so your lumber is in good shape when it is time to use it.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

The best storage facility for lumber is one with a climate controlled storage unit. The lumber will be likely to rot if it is unloaded in a damp location. Inspect the lumber before you add it to storage to make sure that it is not growing mold.

Keep the Lumber Off the Ground

The lumber can usually be stored safely simply in a neat pile. However, you will want to use something to keep the lumber off the floor, such as using pieces of scrap lumber you will not otherwise use. Moisture can seep through concrete and will cause the lumber to become damp, increasing the rate of decay. If the storage unit comes with shelves or if you add shelves to your unit, this will help keep the wood off the ground.

The wood should be stored as flatly as possible. Otherwise, gravity can cause the wood to warp somewhat out of shape, making it less usable. However, depending on how rigid your lumber is, it may be more convenient to store your lumber upright.

Make Sure the Lumber Acclimates

The temperature at which the lumber is kept at should be similar to the temperature that the lumber will be kept at when it is finally put to use. This is because lumber needs to acclimate to any given temperature. Also, if you do decide to bring more lumber from the lumberyard to your wood shop, you will not want to begin working on the lumber until it has acclimated. This can sometimes take months to achieve.

Cover Lumber That is Stored Outside

If you have to store your lumber in an outdoor location, cover the lumber with a material that will protect it from the elements. Polyethylene is one example of a material that acts as an effective moisture barrier.

Engage in Stickering with Green Wood

If the wood is still green, you will need to engage in stickering. This is where you place the wood on top of sticks to allow circulation around the wood. However, it is more likely that the wood you are storing will be dried.


11 May 2015

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