How To Freshen Up Hardware On Furniture

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When you're making over an old piece of furniture, you must leave no stone unturned. This means renovating the hardware as well to really finish this new look. Keep in mind the correct way to make your hardware go from drab to fab.


First things first, clean up that old piece of hardware. There are a few ways to go about doing this:

  • Clear away grime and grease with denatured alcohol. Since your cleaning cloth is bound to get dirty, it's advised to use an old T shirt.
  • To restore a piece to its former glory, get out white distilled vinegar and very fine steel wool. Apply the vinegar to the hardware and rub it around with the steel wool.
  • Alternatively, wash the piece with degreasing soap and plain old water. You can use steel wool to remove any flakiness.
  • If all else fails, spray some window cleaner on the hardware and wipe it off with a rag.

Know that this step is very important. It can be hard for paint to bond with metal, so you must make sure you have a clean and smooth surface before you apply primer and paint.


Next, you should prime the hardware item. Select an oil-based primer paint spray made for metal materials. Priming is a critical step since it ensures that your top layers won't peel off and so your fine work won't be lost.

Also be sure that you apply a couple of thin layers to prevent globs and drips. Last, don't forget to lightly rub the hardware with steel wool so it's smoothed out.


Once the primer dries, you can get started on the most exciting part--spray painting! Again, go with thin applications, which only require two or maybe three coats. Most folks recommend spraying the back side and the flipping it over after it dries to paint the front.

If you really want to be clever, you can stick in a few nails to a board that stands up vertically. Hang the hardware at the end of the nails and spray these items all around. Another approach is to jab skewers into a foam pad and then place the knobs on top before spraying them.


You may also use these techniques for the sealing process. A good sealant is recommended to make the hardware more durable and even shiny. Consider using a lacquer finish or a clear finishing spray.

Going through all these steps will take time and effort. Yet you should see the fruits of your labor displayed in fantastic-looking hardware that will stand the test of time! 

Check out your local hardware store to find the supplies you'll need for this endeavor. 


26 June 2015

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