Four Tips to Help You with Building a Large Fish Pond with Natural Habitats

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Ponds can be a great addition to any property. They can provide a place for fish and wildlife habitats. It can also be a fun project to build your own pond, but just like a pool, there are some things that you will need to do for maintenance. If you want to keep fish, animals, and plants in your pond, you may want to have features like fish safe pond liners, skimmers, and filtration for the water. If you are planning on building your own pond, here are some tips to help you along with your project.

1. Sloping the Banks to Control Weeds and Reduce Debris

The slope of the banks of your pond is important. If you want to prevent weeds from growing and taking over your pond, you will want them to be steep. This can prevent shallow waters where weeds can grow. If you want to have natural filtration, you may want to have an area that is shallow to allow plants to grow.

2. Adding Surface Skimmers to Keep Debris under Control

If you are going to be using your pond for recreation, skimmers can be added to help keep surface debris under control. These work just like skimmers that you would install in a pool, but will be much larger. They can help to control things like pollen and insects that float on the surface. Skimmers can also help to keep algae under control.

3. Installing a Spillway to Control Water Levels

If you are going to have fish and plants in your pond, it is important to be able to control water levels. A spill way can be installed to allow you to drain the pond when it is full or to reduce water drainages when the water level is going down. It can also help you to control weeds and algae that grow in your pond. The spillway can also be a great way to use the pond water for things like irrigation.

4. Installing a Pond Liner to Reduce Water Loss in Pond

The last step in building your pond is to install the liner. There are many types of pond liners, and you will want one that is fish safe. This is a type of liner that does not have harmful chemicals that can kill fish. When you put the liner in, you may also want to use gravel at the banks of the pond to hide the liner and make your pond look more natural.

These tips can help your pond building project go smoothly and ensure that you have a thriving ecosystem when you are finished. If you are ready to start building your pond, contact a pond liner manufacturer like Billboard Tarps to get the material you need to line your pond.


14 July 2015

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