3 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Chain Link Fence


If you've recently installed a commercial chain link fence, chances are you chose chain link for its affordability. However, chain link fencing does't provide much privacy. If you want to modify your chain link fence so that its privacy factor is increased, consider a few simple ways you can do so without having to choose a whole different fence.

Fence Slats

Fence slats are a great option for making your chain link fence more private. These innovations are long pieces of wood, polyethylene, or aluminum and can be affixed to your chain link fence vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally.

Measure the height of your chain link fence, as well as the size of the chain mesh and your fence's wire gauge. To measure your chain mesh, simply measure the diamond the mesh forms from corner to corner. Once you have your measurements in hand, head to your local commercial fence supplier to shop for your fence slats.

Another benefit of fence slats for privacy is your choices of colors. Not only do fence slats come in a few different materials, they also come in a wide array of color choices. You can make a pattern with two or more colors or keep it simple with a single color. Whichever you choose, your fence slats will give you the added privacy you need for your chain link fence.

Rolled Wood Fencing

Another option to add privacy to your chain link fence is opting for rolled fencing. This type of fencing is sold by the roll, in a variety of heights, so you can customize it to your existing chain link fence. Commercial chain link fences with heights up to eight feet can be covered with rolled wood fencing.

These rolls also come in a nice assortment of woods: bamboo, stick or reed fencing, willow, and dwarf pine are some of the natural materials available with rolled wood fencing.

Once installed, you won't be able to see your chain link fence at all. This is a nifty way of including natural elements in your yard, as well as modifying your fencing for complete privacy.

Climbing Vines & Plants

Have you considered planting climbing vines and plants or hedge plants for added privacy? Depending on what you plant along your fence line, this option can be very practical. Look for climbing and rambling plants like vines and trailing flowers that are native to your location. Once grown, the plants will not only offer privacy for your chain link fence, but they will also add beautiful scenery as well.

Some great plants to choose for climbing up your fence include morning glories and moon flowers, clematis vine, passion vine, ivy, climbing jasmines, and black-eyed Susan vine. With love and care, your once-dull chain link fence can be turned into a wonderful climbing garden.

Try some of these methods the next time you are contemplating adding more privacy to your space. You don't need to replace any fencing at all. Just dress it up a little bit, and you'll be pleased with the outcome. 

For more tips for dressing up your fence, contact a professional like those at Security Fence.


28 July 2015

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