Three Alternatives To Cheap Custom Signs For Your Business That You Do Not Want And Why


Business expenses can sometimes seem ridiculous. Advertising is an area that you know is a necessary evil, but the costs are astronomical. However, you should not ignore the old adage that "it takes money to make money." Spending money on a custom sign for your business makes it appear more professional as well as personable. If you do not believe that, then here are three very cheap alternatives to a custom sign and why you should not choose them.

Cardboard Signs

Professional cardboard signs are one thing--they are made to look nice and promote a sale or special event-- but cardboard signs you make yourself at home are entirely another. Professionally-crafted cardboard signs look nice and cost less than signs made of vinyl, plastic, neon, or glass, and are actually constructed of many different layers of heavy duty card stock. They may also have laminated surfaces so that the signs can bear up under precipitation. Any other type of cardboard sign will not survive wind and weather, and definitely will not look as nice.

Painted-On Signs

Assuming you own the building where your business is located or you have permission from the proprietor to paint its exterior, a painted--on sign can look really cheesy. People driving by can miss it, especially in the dark when your "sign" does not light up. If you are going for the painted-on sign, at least hire a professional painter to do it. Otherwise, spend the money and get a sign that lights up and draws people in long after the sun has set.

Window Decals

Window decals that spell out your business's name and what you do is not a reasonable substitute for no building sign at all. Most people will ignore window signage thinking that it relates to what is happening in-store or in-office at this moment. They are not going to stop, look and read the window decals without first looking for a sign on the building, particularly a sign above the door or out in front of the door. If anything, you can use window decals in conjunction with a custom sign overhead, but not in place of your business's actual sign.

Purchasing a Custom Sign for Your Building

There are many companies that can make custom signs for your building. Some of these companies can even offer you a payment plan or budget plan while you use the finished sign to alert potential customers of your existence. Best of all, the sign you have a professional sign company make will not look like something your kids threw together at the last minute.

For more information, contact a company like Signs In One Day.


11 August 2015

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