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If you have been in the business world for a while, you know what a standard office space looks like. Entry-level and sometimes other employees are in plain looking cubicles at best and in tiny little cubbies at worst. The environment is very monochromatic and not very conducive to creativity, engagement, and enjoyment within the work space. While this design was based on the theory that anything that is not plain or uniform would cause distraction, reduced productivity, and lower efficiency, the lack of employee engagement it creates counteracts any positive effects it may have. So, get to know ways that you can design your business's office with your employees in mind. 

Bright Colors Are Not Your Enemy

Go to any traditional office in the world and you will notice one obvious similarity almost immediately. They lack of bright or distinguishable colors in the office space. 

Color palettes in offices tend to be black, white, beige, and other neutral tones designed for efficiency. However, if you want your employees to be happier at work and to be more creative, active, and most importantly, awake, you will want to incorporate more color into your office design.

This does not necessarily mean painting your walls neon yellow or green (though if that is the direction you want to go, a single bright accent wall would do the trick). You can incorporate color other ways.

Take your office furniture, for example. Office chair upholstery does not need to be black, beige, or other plain colors. Find office chairs that incorporate color and patterns into the seat and backing of the chairs. Choose a variety of colors and patterns and then mix and match at different desks or allow your employees to choose the chair they like best. 

Natural Light Is The Fix For Lagging Energy

Many business offices are like caves in many ways. They tend to shy away from open spaces, windows, and natural light. This is, once again, an effort to keep employees from becoming distracted.

However, keeping your employees from being able to look outside or experience natural light can actually contribute to a lack of energy and motivation. The human body is designed to function along with the rhythms and cycles of the day.

So, keeping that in mind, use a lot of glass, windows, and natural light in your office design. Give your employees the opportunity and the means to look outside, to enjoy sunshine in spite of working indoors, and to get the biological benefits of natural light. You will find that your employees are more energetic, able to focus, and motivated than they would otherwise feel. 

Now that you know a few of the ways to design your office with your employees' well-being in mind, you can get to work designing your new office space. 


25 August 2015

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