Caring For A Neon Sign


If you have just purchased a neon sign to place your business's window, you will soon be enjoying the brightly lit advertisement as it will do a fine job at attracting customers into your establishment. Neon signs can last for several years if you do some simple upkeep steps. Here are some ways to maintain your neon so it lasts while retaining its brightness.

Clean Regularly

Neon signs lose their brightness if they are covered with dust. To remove surface dirt from the neon tubes you will first want to unplug the light from the outlet. Use a soft-bristled nylon brush to wipe down each neon tube completely, removing loose debris in the process. For harder to remove grime, use a piece of microfiber cloth dipped into a mild detergent and water solution. Wipe down each tube with the cloth and use a piece of dry microfiber cloth to remove soap. Allow the sign to dry thoroughly before plugging it back in for use.

Remove Stains

Nicotine can build-up on a neon light, making it appear much dimmer than normal. To remove nicotine staining, unplug your light and use a cleaner with ammonia in the ingredients. Apply using a piece of microfiber cloth and remove using a clean piece. Make sure you avoid getting the cleaner on any backing of your light, as it may remove the paint. 

Inspect For Damage

If your neon light loses its brightness or if a portion is no longer lighting up properly, you will want to bring it to a repair shop for assessment. It is difficult to replace neon on your own, making it necessary to use a professional to have it done so you eliminate the risk of injury. If you see any portions on your light where the tube is flickering or if there are cracks in the neon tubing, your sign is in need of servicing.

Place Properly

When placing a neon sign, make sure it is in an area where children or pets will not be present, as there is a risk of injury should one of the tubes become broken. Neon signs are rather delicate, making it necessary to keep them out of harm's way. Place them in an area away from doors or heavy foot-traffic. Make sure the outlet is close by so there is no chance of someone tripping over an extension cord, possibly causing your sign to fall and break. For sign repairs, talk to a professional;.


1 October 2015

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