How To Find A Great Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One


Assisted living facilities are housing alternatives for older adults who may need help with the day-to-day living activities of dressing, bathing, eating, and personal care, but do not require medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes. If you are looking for an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or relative, find a facility in your area and take a tour. A facility tour can provide a wealth of information that is not given in a brochure or website. The following is a list of a few initial things to look for when you tour an assisted living facility:

  • Cleanliness - Observe the cleanliness of the common rooms such as the dining room, sitting room, and entertainment area. Notice the cleanliness of the laundry room and kitchen. Be sure to see an example of the individual living quarters for one or two residents. Notice if the rooms are clean and bright and smell pleasant. Inquire how often housekeeping is provided for each of the residents. 
  • Food - Ask to see the menu that is being planned for the week that you are on tour. If possible, tour the facility at meal time and sample the food and drink being served. Ask about dining room hours of operation and how snacks are provided for residents during off hours or when they may have missed a meal.
  • Residents - Observe any and all residents that you see while you are taking a tour. Notice if they are wearing clean clothes and have well-groomed hair, nails, and teeth. Look to see that the residents seem relaxed and happy in the facility. Ask what entertainment and special activities are provided for the residents each week. 
  • Staff - Notice how many staff members are working there and how they treat the residents. Observe if the staff members seem happy and friendly while they are caring for the residents. Notice if the residents are happy as they interface with the staff members. Ask how many staff members work there and the hours that they work. Ask to meet a supervisor while you are there and introduce yourself. 
  • Safety - Inquire where the bathrooms are located near the common rooms of the facility. When you tour a resident's individual living quarters, observe the bathroom that is provided. Notice if there are handrails and grab bars installed for the residents. Ask about the procedure for bathing the residents and how often they are bathed. Ask the tour guide to show you how a resident can call for assistance from their individual living quarters and bathroom. 
  • Medications - Ask to see how medications are given to the residents and what medication and dosage records are kept. Notice where the medications are stored and if they are locked up and secure. Ask for the name of the local pharmacy that services the residents of the facility. 
  • Families and Friends - Look to see if some of the residents have guests visiting them when you are on a tour of the facility. Try to speak to one or more of the visitors to get their opinion of the facility and the care extended to their family member. Ask if they think their friend or relative is happy living there. 

If you are seriously considering a certain assisted living facility, drop in again at different times of the day or evening and look around to see that the conditions you observed during your tour are still valid. At that time, see if you can speak to any other families or friends who might be visiting so that you can interview them. Frequent visits will provide you with a very good idea of the care that is provided there and help you decide if this is the right place for your parent or relative. With careful observation and attention, your loved one can have many happy days in a great assisted living facility.

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21 October 2015

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