Struggling In The Competitive Fitness Center Industry? Turn Your Locker And Shower Rooms Into Relaxing Spa-Like Rooms

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Whether you just opened a brand-new fitness center or you have been in the business for a long time, the stiff industry competition means that you need to make sure you take every step you can to keep your clients happy. Happy clients not only stick around longer without changing gyms (even if one opens up a few miles closer to their home), but they also refer friends and family who are looking to get into shape. If you already have an up-to-date facility with great equipment and a friendly, helpful staff, then focus on turning your locker- and shower-rooms into relaxing spa-like rooms that will make your gym the one everyone wants to join by following these tips. 

1. Have Your Water Conditioned to Improve Every Client's Shower Experience

Before you begin looking into extras to make your shower and locker rooms more luxurious, make sure you have the basics of a good shower experience in place. While your water supply is deemed suitable by your local health department, that doesn't mean it necessarily pleases your clients. Hard water with high levels of minerals and chemicals can leave your clients frustrated with their shower experiences; their soap and shampoo may not lather well and they may leave the showers with a film on their skin and lackluster flat hair. 

Even worse, if any of your clients suffer from skin conditions, such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or even just acne, they may avoid showering at your gym if the hard water exasperates their skin conditions. While your first thought may be that customers who don't shower at your facility save you on your water bill, the truth is that they cost you money when they simply cancel their memberships to join gyms with water they can shower in that does not aggravate their skin. 

You can easily improve the water throughout your entire facility just by having a point-of-entry water conditioner installed. Not only will a water conditioner improve the shower experience, but it will make water that come out of your fountains taste better. Placing a large sign on the front of your center that advertises that you care enough about your clients to provide them with conditioned water from a company like Olympic Springs Bottled Water can even attract customers from all around your area.

2. Add Aromatherapy to Your Saunas

Saunas provide many benefits, and easing sore muscles after an intense workout is only one. Saunas promote relaxation of the mind and body, and they can be even more relaxing when they have integrated aromatherapy features. However, you don't have to splurge on a sauna that has designated spaces to place scented discs or oils to add a relaxing scent to the sauna room when you can simply mix a few drops of essential oil into a spray bottle of water and occasionally mist the sauna rocks with the solution. 

You can even place few small, elegant bottles filled with several scented-oil and water mixtures next to the sauna entrances and allow clients to choose the scent they spray on the rocks before they use the sauna. Make sure to also display instructions on how to use the sprays. 

Great aromatherapy scents for a sauna include invigorating eucalyptus that has added muscle-soothing properties, birch oil that promotes pain relief and has mood-boosting properties, and a citrus scent that provides a great energy boost for clients who still have a busy day ahead of them after leaving the gym.

The fitness center business is competitive, so go above and beyond to retain your current clients and attract new ones. You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your customers happy when you simply provide them great water to shower in that promotes healthy skin and hair, and help boost their moods and relax their muscles in an aromatherapy sauna. 


31 December 2015

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