How To Unclog Your Shower Drain With A Hanger

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A clogged shower drain is inconvenient and annoying to say the least, especially if you are in a hurry to get in and out of the shower. However, before you pick up the phone to call the plumber, you may want to try using a hanger to do the job. Using a hanger will certainly save you some money and it is not difficult to use this tool from your closet to clean your shower drain.

Here are the supplies you will need to do the job:

  • A metal hanger
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A screwdriver
  • Paper towel

Here are the steps you should take to get the drain cleaned:

1. The first thing you need to do is remove the drain cover. You will need to remove it with a screwdriver. Once you have removed it, you should clean it thoroughly to ensure that it is not part of the problem. Drain covers often get hair and soap scum stuck under them which can contribute to clogging in shower drains.

2. Use your needle nose pliers to straighten out the hanger. However, do not straighten out the hook because you are going to need it. Bend the other end of the hanger to form a loop. This will help you to grip the hanger better as you manipulate it in the drain to remove debris.

3. Place the end of the hanger that has the hook into the drain and rotate the hanger gently as you push it down into the drain. Try to remove as much of the gunk out of the shower as you can while being careful not to push anything back down the drain. Gently lift the hanger and wipe off any gunk with a piece of paper towel.

4. It is unlikely that you would have removed all the gunk in the drain the first time. In order to make sure that you have done a thorough job and to ensure that you remove any additional debris, you should place the hook of the hanger into the drain again and rotate it as gently as you did the first time. Once you are satisfied with how much or how little debris you have caught, you can go ahead and remove the hanger and clean it with a paper towel. The amount of debris you catch should help you determine if you need to repeat step 3 again.

Unclogging your shower drain with a hanger may take some time depending on how clogged it has gotten, but if you have the time and would like to save some money, cleaning the drain yourself is a good option. Should you need assistance, talk to a professional like Clearwater Plumbing.


18 March 2016

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