Hosting Your Kid's First Birthday Party? Make It Special With Party Rentals

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Although you may have put together a birthday party for your child as a baby or toddler, this kind of event is usually low-key, as the most likely guests are family members and close friends. But, as your kid gets older and starts going to elementary school, they will likely make some friends of their own. Once this happens, you have a perfect opportunity to host a birthday party for them to show them a truly special birthday. Using party rentals is an excellent way to get everything you need to accomplish this goal.

Inflatable Bouncers

If you want to spice up the party and get the kids tired, an inflatable bouncer is the perfect addition. Since bouncers have a limited capacity, you want to get one large enough to fit most kids at the party. It is crucial to set several rules with the kids that you will also want to relay to all parents. Some of the best rules include constant adult supervision, no shoes allowed, and only kids of similar age and size in at one time.

Movie Projector

Once the kids get worn out from spending time at the party and exercising in the bouncer, you can extend the party into the night by playing a movie. To make it extra enjoyable, you should rent a movie projector that you can use in your backyard or at a public park-- wherever you decide to have the party. It is the perfect time for you to relax and spend some time cleaning up the food and trash.

Outdoor Speakers

To complement the movie projector, you are going to need outdoor speakers. However, these speakers will do a lot more than just provide sound for the movie; you can use them to play music all day. Letting your kid create their own playlist on a music streaming service is a great way to give them some control.

Photo Booth

If you want to help your kid create a memorable experience with everyone at the party, you should consider renting a photo booth. These booths usually cost a few dollars at the mall, so the kids will enjoy being able to make funny expressions and try out different poses as many times as they want to.

Hosting a birthday party for your kid becomes a lot easier when you make use of party rentals. Getting some or all of the items above will ensure you have what it takes to host a fun and memorable party. Contact a company like Area Rent-Alls Equip Rental for more information.


24 April 2016

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