What To Expect From Your Auto Insurance Medical Adjuster After An Accident

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After a car accident, the first step is to make a claim with your insurance company. If you were injured, you can expect them to ask about some information about how you were hurt. An insurance medical adjuster may request the following information when working on your claim:

Medical Records

After you have seen a doctor about your injuries, you will likely be required to send some documentation to the insurance company to help determine what your damages are. In addition to medical records, the adjuster may ask for additional records such as x-rays, lab test results, and other information they deem pertinent to the case.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to what the insurance adjuster can request. If you think that the requests for some information are intrusive or unnecessary, you have the right to withhold that information. You will need to ask what the records will be used for with regard to your case. Depending on their answer, you can go ahead and submit the records or decline to submit them because you believe their reasoning to be irrelevant to your case.

Detailed Medical Reports

The insurance adjuster may also request a medical report, detailing all aspects of your injury. This is a document prepared by your physician that spells out your injury. It can include information that will not be in typical medical records, including your long-term prognosis, estimated time until recovery, and how they believe the injury is related to the accident. You will have to provide permission to the adjuster to have access to the information. You may want to take some time to consider relinquishing this information before making a final decision. You should speak with your doctor about your condition and get a feel for what he or she would include in the report. Also keep in mind that writing these reports are not free; you will likely have to pay a fee in order to get a medical report. If you ultimately believe that submitting a medical report to the insurance adjuster will benefit your case, you can move forward. However, you should insist that the insurer pay for the report.

Additional Examinations

In some cases, the adjuster will ask for additional medical examinations using a doctor of their choice. This can happen if the adjuster does not believe your injury is consistent with the report provided by your doctor. The adjuster will set up another exam for you to help determine your damages. Keep in mind that you do not have to go through with the exam unless your case lands in court. In that instance, it may not be negotiable.

Injury claims are typically fairly straightforward, but it is crucial that you are aware of your rights. Be sure to speak to your attorney to ensure that you are not providing private information to your insurer that is unnecessary for your case. For more information, get in touch with insurance companies like NFP, P & C, Inc.


2 June 2016

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