3 Ways To Spread The Word About The Grand Opening Of Your Store


Is your dream of opening your own store finally coming true? You may have finalized all the details and bought all the inventory needed for you to get started. Now that the grand opening is quickly approaching, you may want to make sure plenty of people in and around the neighborhood know about your business and when it will be open to the public. You can do a few different things to make sure as many people know about the grand opening as possible.

1. Buy an Ad in the Local Newspaper

If your goal is to attract as many locals as possible to the new store, you should consider purchasing some advertisement space in the local newspaper. Some small communities have their own newspaper where different business owners in the area can pay a fee to put in a small or large advertisement. Because it is the grand opening special, you may want to prepare a full-page advertisement that is noticeable enough for readers to see as soon as they flip the page. The advertisement should include details about what your business offers along with the exact date and time of the grand opening.

2. Place Decorative Banner Stands Outside of Your Storefront

While many people in the neighborhood may read the local newspaper, there are some people who might not see the advertisement. If you have decorative banner stands placed outside of your storefront, those who are walking around the neighborhood will notice what is going on and may even decide to stop in to check out some of the things you have to offer.

There are companies that can create custom banner stands with beautiful graphics and intricate designs that are bright enough to draw attention while positively representing your business. You can choose what you would like the banners to say along with any images you would like to have added on them to match the theme of your business. Talk to a sign company like Divine Signs Inc. for more information.

3. Make an Announcement on Social Media and Have a Contest to Get More Shares

With millions of people using social media daily, you can take advantage of the free opportunity to reach out to the people in your area and let them know that the doors of your business are getting ready to open. While you may only have a few followers in the beginning, you can put together a creative contest to encourage your followers to share the details about the grand opening on their own page. For example, you may choose a handful of people at random who shared your status to win gift bags loaded with assorted goodies you would normally sell inside your store.

The reason the social media contest often works out so well is because most people like getting free stuff. Anyone who wants to have a good chance of winning a decent prize may decide to share your status as often as they would like to until the grand opening day arrives.

If you are planning to open the doors to your store in a few weeks or days, it is important to spread the word about your business. These tips can help you do just that.


11 July 2016

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