What Do You Want Your Convention Tables to Say About You? Table Toppers with Flash or Flare

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At one time, your hotel bought into decorative chairs for conventions, weddings, anniversary parties, and so forth. Now, table toppers are the "in" thing. Your hotel has to keep up with the times, so you should know more about this trend. Here are some of the more popular table toppers and what they can say about your establishment.


Spandex is not just for exercise-wear anymore! Now it stretches over table tops of any shape and size, but it is typically meant for convention and reception tables like the ones you already have. These stretchy linens wrap tightly around the edges of the table so that no one can accidentally tuck the tablecloth edge into their waistband and pull the whole table setting after themselves. The best part is that they come in dozens of colors and patterns to fit every possible party theme and celebration scheme, and they "wash and wear" very well.


Heavy-gauge aluminum table toppers convert plain, boring tables into flashy, decorative party tables in minutes. In fact, the copper table toppers and the silver table toppers are so handsome by themselves that most of your hotel guests will probably opt to skip putting any linens on them at all (except for napkins, of course). These types of table toppers snap onto specially-made table bases, allowing your hotel staff to interchange and exchange one metal finish and color for the next. That makes party clean-up and set-up for the next party a snap (or rather, a couple of snaps).


If you were willing to go linen-less with metal table toppers, why not go linen-less with the usual industrial white or black table tops? This is a growing trend in many fine hotels and restaurants because it makes cleaning up the tables a breeze. It also cuts the costs of laundering all of those linens (even if you currently launder them in-house) because there are none! Additionally, you can feel free to sanitize the table-top surfaces with bleach to protect the health of your guests, and the bleach only touches the plexiglass.

If you have wooden tables and are worried about them being damaged, the proper way to go linen-less with these is to adhere or attach a clear sheet of plexiglass to the tabletop. Now the table reflects light upwards (which is always a nice design element!) and your tables are adequately protected against spills, watermarks, and dropped flatware or cutting knives.

Talk to companies such as Laguna Spandex Linens for more information about your options. 


31 August 2016

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