3 Ways To Spread The Word About The Grand Opening Of Your Store


Is your dream of opening your own store finally coming true? You may have finalized all the details and bought all the inventory needed for you to get started. Now that the grand opening is quickly approaching, you may want to make sure plenty of people in and around the neighborhood know about your business and when it will be open to the public. You can do a few different things to make sure as many people know about the grand opening as possible.

11 July 2016

How To Find A Great Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One


Assisted living facilities are housing alternatives for older adults who may need help with the day-to-day living activities of dressing, bathing, eating, and personal care, but do not require medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes. If you are looking for an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or relative, find a facility in your area and take a tour. A facility tour can provide a wealth of information that is not given in a brochure or website.

21 October 2015

Caring For A Neon Sign


If you have just purchased a neon sign to place your business's window, you will soon be enjoying the brightly lit advertisement as it will do a fine job at attracting customers into your establishment. Neon signs can last for several years if you do some simple upkeep steps. Here are some ways to maintain your neon so it lasts while retaining its brightness. Clean Regularly Neon signs lose their brightness if they are covered with dust. To remove surface dirt from the neon tubes you will first want to unplug the light from the outlet.

1 October 2015

Three Alternatives To Cheap Custom Signs For Your Business That You Do Not Want And Why


Business expenses can sometimes seem ridiculous. Advertising is an area that you know is a necessary evil, but the costs are astronomical. However, you should not ignore the old adage that "it takes money to make money." Spending money on a custom sign for your business makes it appear more professional as well as personable. If you do not believe that, then here are three very cheap alternatives to a custom sign and why you should not choose them.

11 August 2015

3 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Chain Link Fence


If you've recently installed a commercial chain link fence, chances are you chose chain link for its affordability. However, chain link fencing does't provide much privacy. If you want to modify your chain link fence so that its privacy factor is increased, consider a few simple ways you can do so without having to choose a whole different fence. Fence Slats Fence slats are a great option for making your chain link fence more private.

28 July 2015

Storing Lumber In A Storage Unit


You may have a lot of lumber for a coming project but for whatever reason life throws your way, you now have to wait for an indefinite period until you can put your lumber to use. But you will want to carefully choose your storage location so your lumber is in good shape when it is time to use it. Use Climate-Controlled Storage The best storage facility for lumber is one with a climate controlled storage unit.

11 May 2015

3 Things To Do When Relocating Your Business


If you are planning on relocating your business, there are some things you need to do first. This includes everything from giving your employees and customers advanced notice, to knowing how to pack up your office equipment. Here are some things to do when you are planning on relocating your business. Provide Detailed Instructions for the Movers Start planning for the movers as soon as you call Bekins Van Lines Inc and arrange to have them move your office equipment and furniture.

20 April 2015

Hidden Environmental Hazards In Your Home


Your home may be filled with potentially hazardous substances that can cause long-term health issues. They may be lurking behind walls, or embedded in the structure of your home. These substances include: Lead Lead can be found in many parts of older homes. Your house could have multiple layers of leaded paint, and your drinking water could be passing through lead pipes or copper that is joined together with lead solder.

8 January 2015